How to install struts2 plugin in Netbeans

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Adding the struts plugin into Netbeans IDE makes our work easy. With quick action, we can access the libraries for the struts2 framework.

Here are the simple steps to install struts2 plugins in Netbeans.

Open Netbeans IDE and go to Tools –> Plugins
Plugin Navigation
Open Netbeans IDE and go to Tools -Once the Plugins windows is opened, click on “Add Plugins” and select the following located plugin files and click on “Open” –> Plugins
Plugin Window
Add Plugins

Download the struts2 plugin files from here
After adding the plugins
Select the plugins and click on Install and click “Next”
Plugin Installer
Accept License Agreement and Install
Accept License Agreement
Verify the plugins
Verify the Plugins
Restart the IDE with finish option
Complete Installation Window

Now check whether the plugins are installed or not.

  • Create new project –> Java Web –> Web Application –> Next
Create project window
  • Name the Project –> Next –> Next
Naming the project
Assigning the server

Now if you see the framework window select option, then  congratulations you have installed the plugins successfully
Verified the plugin installation

Select the frameworks you want to use. Here you can create one sample example.
Creating example

If you don’t want to create then click on “None”. Once the creation is done, you check with the project structure, libraries. Here is a sample of the created project with the used frameworks and their files.
Project Structure

Hey, now it’s time to see the results.