How to install Botpress

How to install Botpress
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Looking for a chat builder, right? You want to install the Botpress on your local machine, that’s why you came across this blog. Surely, this article will guide you.

A Botpress is a dual-license open-source bots development platform for developing the chatbots. Building our own chatbot with Botpress is not a tough job.

Let’s begin the installation process.

1] First go to Here you will see the Download page. In order to download the package, you will need to follow some steps.

  1. “Select your Platform”. Choose the operating system platform where you want to install it.
  2. “How are you going to use Botpress?” In this step, you have to select for what purpose you are going to use & for whom.
  3. Now click on the “Download latest” button to download the package.

2] Once you downloaded the package, unzip the archive and change the path to the extracted directory. Now its time to trigger the installation process.
Here how it goes,

cd <path-to-directory>

3] This above command will execute the Botpress module extraction and installation. Once the all node module extracted you will be able to access the Botpress on your machine. Usually, the Botpress uses 3000 port, but in case if the 3000 port is already in use, it will be opened on 3001 port.

http://localhost:3000 or http://localhost:3001

Congratulations!! The Botpress installation has been completed. Now hit the respected URL in the address bar.

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